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Study in Australia

Your dream of studying in Australia is closer than you think! Learn everything you need to know about studying in Australia and get end to end expert guidance from us.

Why study in Australia?

Australia, one of the most prominent lands in the Southern hemisphere, has been considered an extremely desirable destination for many decades among students looking to study abroad across the world over. Owing to being a fabulous holiday destination for millions of tourists, the country has lots to offer its students with academics, a vibrant mix of cultures and a globally inter-connected societal life. Hence, by deciding to study in Australia, students from India most certainly gain a massive understanding as they get globally connected with the larger world around them and be able to showcase vivid growth through this decision.

Key Facts
Subclass 500 Student Visa
Feb to Jun & July to November
Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate
Exams Required
Sources of Funding
Scholarships, Aids, Part-time jobs
Cost of Study
AUD 20k - 45k per year
Languages Spoken
English & French

Having a land area similar to the size of the United States of America, Australia boasts its own fair share of natural landmarks unique to it, such as the Great Barrier Reef and Bondi Beach. But beyond all these, what Australia is known most for is the excellence of its Universities and Research Institutions, which are considered to be among the best in the world. Some of the long-standing Universities and Institutions in Australia are not only highly advanced in regards to their quality of delivering top-notch education, but they also have broadened their perception to incorporate international students and, thus, provide a huge array of academic opportunities for prospective students who desire to study in Australia.

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Benefits of Studying in Australia

Now, as an International Student who seeks to Study in Australia from India, you might wonder what benefits you obtain from studying in Australia. You can rest assured that 1,100+ Australian Universities and Educational Institutions offer over 22,000 courses that range wide among an entire spectrum of all streams and disciplines.

Interested yet? Read on more to learn more about what Study in Australia offers!

The growth of any organisation or community depends on what they have to offer. Likewise, any study destination that provides quality education and a fabulous experience is bound to grow. Did you know that there has been a steady increase in the number of international students arriving in Australia for the year 2023? According to The PIE News, it is estimated that the increase will be a growth between 8% - 12% in 2023, from the 1,00,000+ Indian students who’ve enrolled to study in Australia only in 2022.

You might ask, why do International Students seek to Study in Australia? Well, why not! When there are top universities that are ranked among the top 100 worldwide universities, offering not only the best education but also the best in accommodation, food, culture, lifestyle, and the biggest of them all, security and safety, then it is indeed a no-brainer to have young and budding student aspirants to choose Australia as their dream study destination.

We understand that some of you will be willing to seek out more information about Post-Study Work options and what you can gain by seeking to study in Australia for Indian Students. Well, we have got just the thing for you. But, before that, there are lots more equally important information that you will need to know about Why Study in Australia for Indian Students, which we have shared with you below.


Indian Students





Australia’s education system comprises innovative teaching with equally latest learning facilities.

There are innumerable Scholarships available for eligible students.

Having one of the best Healthcare System worldwide, Australia provides premium healthcare treatment to its citizens and international students alike.

Australia extends PSW opportunities for its graduates with work upto 3 years based of their educational levels.

All 38 prominent Australian universities offer internship opportunities to their students.

Australia welcomes international students without any bias or discrimination as it strives to maintain a safe & peaceful environment for all.

Popular Courses in Australia

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous courses available to pursue from Australian Universities and educational institutions, and the students are given a wide range of freedom to choose from them and personalise their curriculum according to their taste. While that may be the case, you can still find yourself in a tight spot if you’re uncertain about which courses to pick. So, to help you ease in your hunt, we’ve listed down a few of the most popular courses to Study in Australia.

The courses can be widely categorised as:

  • Business/Management Courses.

  • Science and Technology.

  • Education.

  • Engineering.

  • Law.

  • Medicine, etc.

Besides these, Australia also offers study programmes in all streams and disciplines where you can opt to suit your interests. An interesting point to note is the Average Annual Tuition Fee to study in Australia ranges from AUD 20,000 to AUD 60,000. This incorporates the factors of course, program, and university you choose.

We know that you are curious about how much most of the well-known courses that are offered might cost you. Fret not because we have got you covered! Below listed are some of the Popular courses in Australia chosen by international students.

Top Universities in Australia

You would probably know by now that Australia is home to some of the most reputed and well-ranked universities in the world. To help ease your search time, we have compiled a list of a few of the Top Australian Universities for International Students to ensure that it will help you when you choose to make a decision to Study in Australia when the time is right for you!

To choose the Popular Courses and Universities in Australia, you would need to invest quite some time and effort in researching the details.

University Name
Known For
QS Ranking
University of Melbourne
Leading University known for Research and Teaching.
Australian National University (ANU)
A renowned Public Research University best known for Research, Teaching, and Small Classes.
University of Sydney
Leaders in Education, Research, Student Experience, and Graduate Employability.
University of Queensland (UQ)
Known for its Teaching Excellence and has Won Most National Teaching Awards than any other Australian University.
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
A Public University, part of the Group of Eight AUS. Universities, Ranked #1 for Research Quality and Impact.
Monash University
Most well-known for Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science under Life Science and Medicine.
University of Western Australia (UWA)
Renowned as a Research-Intensive University across a range of Disciplines.
University of Adelaide
The 3rd oldest university in Australia that is centred on Discovering New Knowledge, Pursuing Innovation and Preparing Educators of Tomorrow.
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Well-known among the top institutions globally in 27 of 51 subjects, including: - Nursing, Art & Design, Sports, Library & Information Management, Law, Accounting & Finance, Business & Management Studies, Communication & Media Studies, and many more…
University of Wollongong
Established an excellent reputation for Teaching and Learning across 4 Faculties: Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities, Business and Law, Engineering

Requirements for Studying in Australia

To understand how to study in Australia, you must also understand the admission requirements for different courses in Australia:

Graduate Diploma

  • You must have achieved an undergraduate qualification equivalent to an Australian bachelor's degree.

  • A minimum IELTS Academic score of 6.5 or a TOEFL score of at least 79.


  • Secondary school qualification, equivalent to an Australian Year 12 certificate.

  • IELTS - minimum 6.0 or TOEFL - 67

  • Statement of purpose


  • Undergraduate qualification equivalent to a bachelor's degree, honours degree, or graduate diploma in Australia.

  • IELTS Academic - 6.5 or TOEFL - 79


  • References, statement of purpose & Resume

  • Work experience proof

  • A police check or a working with children check from your home country.


  • Honours degree, master's degree by coursework with a research component, or an equivalent certificate from a recognised university.

  • IELTS Academic - 6.5 or TOEFL - 79

  • Work experience proof

  • A police check or a working with children check from your home country.


Exams required to study in Australian Universities

The exam requirements for studying in Australian universities can vary depending on the institution and the course of study. Here are some of the common exams that you, as an international student, may be required to take:

English Language Proficiency Tests:  (Undergraduate and Graduate)

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) 

  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE).

Undergraduate Admission Requirements:

  • Academic Requirements (Depends on the course of study): 

    • SAT

    • ACT

    • Advanced Placement (AP) 

  • Specific Tests

    • Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) for entry into medical courses.

    • Law Admission Test (LAT) for entry into law courses.

Graduate Admission Requirements:

  • Academic Requirements (Depends on the course of study): 

    • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

    • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

    • Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

    • Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

  • Specific Tests

    • Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) for entry into medical courses.

    • Australian Law Schools Admission Test (ALSAT) for entry into law courses.

Documents Required

You are expected to meet a few requirements to Study in Australia. Though there can be minor variations in the criteria, depending on the university you apply to, most of them will be asked for. They are as follows: -

Statement of Purpose


English proficiency test scorecard

Letter of Recommendation

All academic transcript

English proficiency test scorecard

Compiling these documents may take considerable time and effort, and though you will be able to compile them, chances are that it will be a tedious task. So to ensure that you succeed in drafting a good SOP, LOR, etc., seek an expert’s help to ease your work and get them done with professional assistance and avoid the hassle of uncertainty with your documents.

Need help with your application process for an Australian University? Get in touch with ATG and get FREE assistance from application to visa processing and lots more!

Requirements for the Australia Study Visa

There are a few mandatory documents that you will need to submit along with your application, among other documents, during applying for your Australia Study Visa, i.e., the Subclass 500 visa. We have listed them below, so ensure that you keep them ready with you during your application for the course and university of your choice.

Birth Certificate

Proof of Address

Acadamic Documents

Proof of Temporary Stay

Health Insurance

Valid Passport

Proof of previous employment

Bank Statements

IELTS or TOEFL Score Report

Proof of Finance

Intakes to Study in Australia

To ensure a successful enrolment in a university in Australia, you should have prior information regarding the intakes and the process the universities conduct across the academic year for student intakes. Most of the top Australian universities conduct 2 intakes in a year, whereas few universities offer even a third intake. Hence, it is important to decide for which intake you are applying so that you will have sufficient time to make the necessary arrangements accordingly.

Here is a short list of information to help you understand what the intake followed by most, if not all, universities across Australia and their deadlines to give you an edge in the game!

Semester Intake
Third Semester
September - November
April - May
October - November

Cost of Studying in Australia

The cost of studying in Australia can vary depending on the level of education and the institution you choose to attend. The overall cost of studying can be divided into two categories – Tuition Fees and Cost of Living.

Here's a breakdown of the approximate costs you can expect:

Level of Education in Australia
Costs for Indian Students in AUD
AUD 25,000 - AUD 55,000
English Language Courses
AUD 300 - AUD 500 (per week)
Vocational Education and Training
AUD 4,000 - AUD 22,000
Postgraduate Programs
AUD 22,000 - AUD 50,000
Undergraduate Programs
AUD 20,000 - AUD 45,000
AUD 4,000 - AUD 8,000

Scholarships in Australia

As an international student, you will find plenty of Scholarships in Australia that are available and funded by the Australian government, public universities and other private universities to eligible students in Australia. These scholarships consist of varying eligibility criteria and monetary value. So, ensure that you check up on which scholarships you qualify for best to ensure your financial strain is reduced to the most and you benefit the best! To help you, we have given each of the Scholarships, Bursaries and Financial awards below that are given by prominent institutions and universities to eligible students to help grant a boost to their motivation to achieve even greater success in their studies. You can always contact AECC to get up to date information regarding any of the Scholarships mentioned above, Bursaries, or Financial Awards that suit your needs. So don’t hesitate to Register with us and get all the information you need today!

Scholarship Name
Amount in AUD
Australia Awards Scholarship
This is a fully-funded scholarship
Students from India & Bangladesh with an excellent academic record can apply
It covers tuition fees & living expense, & provides travel and establishment allowance
Bond University Scholarship
These are offered only for UG students
Academic excellence is the basis of it
50% off on tuition fees
Macquarie University Scholarship
This scholarship is funded by the Macquarie University
All UG students in the university are eligible
AUD 10,000
Southern Cross University Scholarship
The Southern Cross University funds this scholarship
It is based purely on academic excellence
AUD 7040 less on tuition fees

Living Expenses in Australia

As a norm, each International student’s expenses in Australia vary depending on your way of living. The following are some of the major costs that you as an International student in Australia will have to cover:

Avg. Cost Per Month (AUD)
Entertainment (Movies, Events, etc.)
$100 - $300
Public Transportation
$100 - $200
Health Insurance
$100 - $300
$300 - $500
$400 - $600
$70 - $100
Mobile Phone
$50 - $80
Utilities (Electricity, Water, Gas)
$200 - $400
Accommodation (Rent)
$1,500 - $3,000

Post study work opportunities in Australia 

Did you know that International students who study in Australia get to experience an additional perk known as - Post-Study work opportunities? This opportunity can be availed by international students after their studies.

Through this, you, a student of either a Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate program, can work in the country and earn valuable work experience. If you have a valid student visa, have completed your studies from a recognised university in Australia, and have satisfied all the requirements in your academics; you will be eligible to apply for the Post-Study Work Permit (PSWP) and stay and work in Australia for a duration of 2 - 4 years depending on your level of education and the choice of your study program. To be eligible for this, you should apply within 6 months of completing your course.

Beyond education, you get to build yourself a fabulous career, and what awaits you as an international student in Australia would only be only a life of enthralling opportunities. Australia offers a very good and stable job market for graduates in almost every discipline. The average salary range can be anywhere from AUD 70,000 to AUD 150,000 as per the company, your qualifications, etc. 

Below we have provided for you with a short list of certain fields that employ graduates with handsome salaries as follows: - 

Scholarship Name
Amount in AUD
Australia Awards Scholarship
This is a fully-funded scholarship
Students from India & Bangladesh with an excellent academic record can apply
It covers tuition fees & living expense, & provides travel and establishment allowance
Bond University Scholarship
These are offered only for UG students
Academic excellence is the basis of it
50% off on tuition fees
Macquarie University Scholarship
This scholarship is funded by the Macquarie University
All UG students in the university are eligible
AUD 10,000
Southern Cross University Scholarship
The Southern Cross University funds this scholarship
It is based purely on academic excellence
AUD 7040 less on tuition fees

We hope to have covered every aspect of an international student who aspires to Study in Australia through this compilation, and we hope that you have received most of the information that you sought out to get. 

For more information or clarity on any of the topics mentioned above, you can contact ATG, who have dedicated and experienced professionals to provide you with the latest information and give you complete assistance in any process you may need help in your application process to Study in Australia and our services provided are for FREE. 


Need more information?

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